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2017 Eagle Watching Activity will take place on April 15 (Saturday) from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon at the Guanyinshan Visitor Center.  The activity is sponsored by the North Coast &Guanyinshan National Scenic Area Administrationof the Tourism Bureau of Ministry of Communication and Transportation, and is cohosted by the Wild Bird Society of Taipei.  This event has progressed itself into its fifteenth year.  The main theme of this year’s event is to emphasize the harmonious coexistence between the birds and the human beings.  In this event, interesting ecology-related activities and market fairs will be held to allow the visitors to understandthe lives of ferocious birds from a variety of dimensions.

Since 2002, the Wild Bird Society of Taipei, Taiwan Ferocious Bird Research Center, and the North Coast &Guanyinshan National Scenic Area AdministrationOffice have been promoting the “Eagle Watching Activities in the Guanyinshan Mountain” for more than a decade.  The efforts and enthusiasm have been rewarded by the praise words of the public as well as the increasing consciousness of wild bird protection.  As a result, the concept of eagle watching has been gradually formed on the  North Coast Shore.

The director of the North Coast &Guanyinshan National Scenic Area Administration, Miss Chen Mei Xiu, expressed that the skies above the Guanyinshan Mountain are splendidly interesting from the Middle of March to the begging of May.  Residing big birds frequently seen such as SpilornisCheelas and Crested Goshawks and migrating eagles such as gray-faced eagles and Chinese Gowhowks appear at this time of the year, making the area a wonderful place for bird watching. The record of 24 ferocious birds appear in this area has made Guanyinshan Mountain an ecological and educational spot for the bird watchers. 
However, the numbers of ferocious birds have declined these years.  Possible reasons may be caused by climate change, poach hunting, changes of migrating routes, changes of dwellings, and so forth.  As shown in the film of “Eagle Wanting To Fly,” ferocious birds have been severely affected by the use of fertilizers and pesticides used by local agriculture cultivation.  Besides, the pollution and disposable products have also influenced the ecology condition of the wild birds.  In order to decrease the risk of engendered species, we need to take actions against the pollution as well as to come up with ways to protect the wild birds.
The special geographical location in Taiwan has made thousands of ferocious migrating birds flying northward in the spring to return to their northern dwellings to give birth to the youth birds. The Guanyinshan Mountain is the last resting place before the ferocious birds enter the vast ocean.  Because the farms around the Guanyinshan Mountain have been severely developed, together with the invading pressure of entertainment facilities overly constructed by human beings, the wild birds have received more threats than ever.  The forests of the Guanyinshan Mountain are especially important in light of the protection of the wild birds. The Satoyama Initiative, a method widely used by international wild animal protection organizations, could be practiced to make the wild birds rest without being threatened.  In so doing, the ferocious birds can exist harmoniously with human beings.
In order to display the ecological beauty of birds, ecological painting lessons are given to children for them to experience and feel the existence of ferocious birds and their ties to the environment.  The scheduled lessons are held on April 17, April 24, and May 1 on Sundays from 10:30 in the morning unto noon in the conference room of Guanyinshan Mountain Visitor Center.  The participants are limited to elementary and junior high school students.  Teachers will explain painting skills and instruct students to pain. 
The lessons are free of charge.  The enrollment will begin on April 1.  Please log on the website for detailed information at
All are invited to come to experience the beauty of Guanyinshan Mountain on April 15 (Saturday).  The activities include ecological guide to know ferocious birds, cultural and historical tour packages, agricultural fairs, group games.  The event also included concerts, movie watching and discussion on ecological life.  On April 16, 23,and 30, a series of bird watching activities will be held.  Please prepare telescopes, hats, comfortable shoes and clothes that are sweat absorbent and less bright in colors to come to join us at this entertaining and educational holiday. 
For activity details, please take a look at the following websites at:
The official website of Wild Bird Society of Taipei at
Telephone number of Wild Bird Society of Taipei is (02)2325-9190
The North Coast &Guanyinshan National Scenic Area Administration:
【Activity Information】
※Place:  Guanyinshan Mountain Visitor Center (N. 130, Lingyun Road, Section III.Wugu District, New Taipei City.)
※time:  April 15(Saturday),09:00-16:00. Lottery drawing time at12:00 and 5:45 pm.
Extra Activities on April 16, 23, and 30( Sunday) from 9:00 am. To 13:00 pm.
Activity Directed by the Administer of Mass Communication and Transportation, and the Tourism Bureau
Activity Organizer: the North Coast &Guanyinshan National Scenic Area Administration Office
Assistance Organizer: Foundation of Wild Bird Society of Taipei
Helping Organizations: Foundation of Wild Bird Society of Zhanghua County, Foundation of Wild Bird Society of Gaoxiong City, Foundation of Taiwan Ferocious Birds Research Center, Wugu District Agriculture Tourism Development Foundation , Sanchong Bus Company, and New Taipei City ShisanhangArchelogy Museum.
Movies at the Multimedia Room at Guanyinshan Visitor Center
(hosted by Taiwan Ferocious Bird Research Center)
Ferocious ecological films (place:Guanyinshan Mountain Visitor Center Multi-media room)
4/15 (sat)
Appearance of the Sleeping Guanyinshan Mountain
Mr. Lin Wen Hong
Taiwan Ferocious Birds Research Center--Managing  Supervisor
Bee Eagles
Mr. Li Wei Jie
Shadows in the Mountain Forests—Forest Eagles
Mr. Lin Wen Hong
Taiwan Ferocious Birds Research Center---Member of Council
Eagle Wanting To Fly
Mr. Liang Jie De
Taiwan Ferocious Birds Research Center---Member of Council
Ferocious ecology lecture (place:Guanyinshan Mountain Visitor Center Multi-media room)
Lishan Republic Union—Tianbei Rice
Mr. Li Jing Hong
Ecology Observer and Participant
Ferocious Birds S.O.S.(Ferocious harming and caring)
Mr.  Wang Ling Min
Taiwan Ferocious Birds Research Center Veterinary
Ferocious birds in the cities—Crested Goshawks
Mr. Yang Ming Yuan
Taiwan Ferocious Birds Research Center—Research Commissioner
History and Culture of Guanyinshan Mountain Tour
To understand the local culture and history.  Meeting Points at Guanyinshan Mountain Visitor Center
Route: Visitor Center→Trail in the Woods→Kaishan Temple
Total 7 departures:Opening on scene at 9 am.
4/15 (Saturday)
4/16, 4/23, 4/30(Sunday)
【Traffic Information】
Updated traffic information will be given on the websites of Wild Bird Society of Taipei and the website of the North Coast &Guanyinshan National Scenic Area Administration.
Public Transportation:
Take the Orange 20 Shanchong Bus at MRT Luzhong Station and get off at Guanyinshan Mountain Visitor Center.  Extra busses will run on the weekends and days with activities. Take the 785 Shanchong bus near Taipei Train Station that runs between Bei Men and Guanyinshan Mountain and get off at Lingyun Temple and walk for approximately 20 minutes.
Highway 1→Wugu Interchange→64 High Speed Road(Bounding Bali) →Guanyinshan Mountain Interchange→Lingyun Road Section III→Guanyinshan Mountain
2.Taipei→Shilin→DaduRoad→GuanduBridge→WuguDirection→ChengTaiRoad(County Road103)→Ling Yun Road(County Road North53-1)→Guanyinshan Mountain
3. The parking space is limited.  Please do not park illegally and follow the direction of the staff.  Public transformational means are high recommended.
Contact Persons
Tourism Bureau of Ministry of Communication and Transportation----
The North Coast &Guanyinshan National Scenic Area Administration
Vice director:  Mr. Luo Si Yi at 02-8635-5167 or0928-113-653
Technician Leader:  Mr. XieZhi Ming at 02-8635-5145 or0937-487-273