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Yehliu Geological Tour

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    • Yehliu Geopark

      • Yehliu Geopark

        Yehliu Geopark is truly a park of natural wonders: rocks carved by wave-cutting and weathering over years and years were formed into shapes resembling figures that are real.

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    • Jinbaoli Old Street

      • Jinbaoli Old Street

        Today, the street is still the most important commercial area on the northern coast, with a lot more flavors of tourist attractions and local specialties such as yam cakes, baked yam, and the renowned duck meat. The street is always crowded on holidays.

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    • Shitoushan Park

      • Shitoushan Park

        It is only about 70 meters in height, an easy walk along the trail that is surrounded by beautiful flowers and wildlife. At the northern end of the trail, there is a red traditional pavilion, an excellent place to watch the beautiful Twin Candlestick Islets.

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    • Jinshan-Wanli hot springs

      • 溫泉區

        Leaning against mountains and the sea, Jinshan and Wanli have plenty of natural resources. The two areas produce many agricultural products, too. Also, the Datun Volcanoes have bestowed Jishan and Wanli with high-quality hot springs.

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Traffic Info

Public transportation:

  1. Kingbus Co.(Tel:0800-010-138、02-2498-2006) Take a bus from Taipei Bus Station and get off at yehliu. There is a bus every 20 minutes or so.
  2. Keelung Bus Co. (Tel:0800-588-010、02- 2432-3185) Take a bus to Jinshan or Danshui from next to Keelung train station.
  3. Danshui Bus Co.(Tel:0800-002-277、02- 2621-3340) Take a bus for Keelung outside Danshui MRT station. (passes through Sanzhi, Shimen. Jinshan and Wanli).
Last updated:2023-03-25
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  • Office (Baisha Bay Visitor Center)
  • No.33-6, Xiayuankeng, Demao Village, Shimen District, New Taipei City, 25341 googlemap
  • Phone: 886-2-8635-5100
  • Fax: 886-2-2636-6675
  • Sanzhi Visitor Center
  • No.164-2, Putoukeng, Puping Village, Sanzhi District, New Taipei City, 25245 googlemap
  • Phone: 886-2-8635-5143
  • Fax: 886-2-8635-3748
  • Jinshan Visitor Center (Yehliu Service station)
  • No.171-2, Huanggang Rd., Jinshan District, New Taipei City, 20844 googlemap
  • Phone: 886-2-2498-8980
  • Fax: 886-2-2498-5290
  • Yehliu Visitor Center
  • No.167-1, Gangdong Rd., Yehliu village, Wanli District, New Taipei City, 20744 googlemap
  • Phone: 886-2-2492-2016
  • Fax: 886-2-2492-4519
  • Heping Island Visitor Center
  • No.360, Ping 1st Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Keelung City, 20247 googlemap
  • Phone: 886-2-2463-5452
  • Fax: 886-2-2463-6987
  • Guanyinshan Visitor Center (Guanyinshan Service station)
  • No.130, Sec. 3, Lingyun Rd., Wugu District, New Taipei City, 24844 googlemap
  • Phone: 886-2292-8888
  • Fax: 886-2-2291-9444
  • Jhongjiao Bay Visitor Center
  • No. 180-3, Haixing Rd., Jinshan Dist., New Taipei City,208003 googlemap
  • Phone: 886-2-2408-2319



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