Red heart sweet potatoes.
Jinshan and Wanli Sweet Potato Festival (July to August)
Jinshan/Wanli’s red heart sweet potatoes have a long history and are very well known. They are grown on a narrow alluvial plain.


Red heart sweet potatoes are sweet, chewy and quality is stable.Red heart sweet potatoes.
The soil is loose sandy soil, rich in organic substances, not only fertile but also draining well, with a Ph value of 6.5~7.5. The planting area is situated near the river mouth where there is a lot of wind. All these factors combine to create ideal conditions for the red heart sweet potato to grow.
While the red sweet potato remains very popular the yellow sweet potato is also now gradually finding favor.Red heart sweet potatoes.
Wanli’s red heart sweet potatoes are sweet and chewy, and the quality is stable. While the red heart sweet potato remains very popular, the yellow heart sweet potato is also now gradually receiving attention.