Guanyinshan Visitor Center
The surrounding area of Guanyinshan Visitor Center has been renovated to now include a stone sculpture park, and ecological park, and a scenic lookout. The main building is a beautiful structure of white walls and red tiles, gracefully embraced by the green surroundings. Sightseeing information is provided in the Center, along with displays of excavated pre-historic pieces of pottery. The most conspicuous monument in the sculpture park is a huge stone column named “Descendant of the Dragon,” a work by artist Wang Xiu-ji. This column is made up of joined Guanyin stones, volcanic andesite which is a famous construction material produced locally. Exquisite carvings of totems, symbols, and figures representing scenic spots, folk tales, and traditional crafts in Taiwan can be seen on the column. It is now the landmark of Guanyinshan.


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