Teresa Teng Memorial Park (Yun Garden)

A visit to Jinbaoshan will probably change your conventional impression of cemeteries being solemn, awe-inspiring places. This park is not just for religious needs, it is also a park of art. There are more than a thousand Buddha statues in the “Thousand-Buddha Cave,” designed by the famous sculptor Juming, and carved by dozens of distinguished craftsmen over several years. There are also other monuments, and sculptures of some very famous people who rest here in peace.

Yun Garden, the resting place of the much-adored singer Teresa Teng, is the most famous spot in Jinbaoshan. Visitors’ attention is immediately caught by the stone sculpture of piano keys in the center of the square at the entrance.  On one side stands a statue of Teng in a familiar singing pose, reminding us of her sweet, enchanting voice. Visitors come from all over the world to pay respect to her. While in the park, look around, and you will also see the panoramic view of the beautiful coast of Jinshan.
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